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Hundreds of protesters rally in Manchester against Donald Trump state visit

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of Manchester yesterday in protest of Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK.

Organised by several groups including the Stand Up To Trump campaign and Stand Up To Racism, the midday protest began at Piccadilly Gardens and continued until the early evening.

The action follows an online petition calling for Trump’s state visit to be cancelled, which has nearly gathered two million signatures.

Commenting on the US President's term so far, one event organiser said he was "shocked that Trump moved so quickly and used executive orders to implement some of his policies."

Speaking of Trump's actions to halt refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries, he went on to say that "the Muslim ban was particularly shocking, and if that’s what he’s starting with then what happens next is quite worrying."

Although the protest remained peaceful, some frustrated onlookers blamed the crowds for “causing traffic jams and delaying public services."

One Manchester resident heckled the protesters, comparing the demonstration to “a game of football where they've lost 5-0, then spat their dummies out demanding a rematch. Well I’m sorry, it doesn’t work like that."

The Manchester protest is the latest of many that have taken place across the UK since Donald Trump’s inauguration last month. Parliamentary debates as to whether the US President should be allowed a state visit are still ongoing.

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