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1998: The Birth of an Idea




After the closure of the successful student station Storm FM, a group of Salford students led by Dave Daly decided to launch a new station.
The name "Shock FM" was chosen and the station gained initial support from the university's media department.

1999-2001: Struggles and Setbacks

Despite efforts, securing a license and funding proved difficult. Dave Daly stepped down, and John Last became the new Station Manager.
The Students' Union offered limited support, leading to pre-recorded shows instead of live broadcasts.
John Last eventually resigned due to lack of progress.

2001: People Power Prevails

With a student petition and campaign led by Matthew Haley ("Scally Matt"), the Students' Union finally acknowledged the demand for Shock Radio.
The Union initially proposed internet broadcasting, but talks stalled due to cost concerns.


2002: Finally on Air!


With continued support from the new Students' Union and dedicated engineers, Shock Radio secured a license and launched its first live broadcast on November 3rd.
The broadcast was a success, attracting positive feedback and even endorsements.

Shock Radio received numerous awards at the Students' Union's "Colours" awards, including "Society of the Year."

2003: New Studios

After 10 months of planning and preparation, Shock Radio returned with a brand new studio in the Adelphi Builing

2010: A New Look





In 2010, Shock Radio rebranded for the first time, adopting the signature blue which remains a large part of the brand.

2015: University House becomes Home

Shock Radio relocated from Adelphi to University House - joining the newly opened Atmopshere Kitchen & Bar

Genoursly supported by the Students' Union and University Shock got two brand new studios at the heart of the campus

2018: Lightning Bolt



Shock Radio adopted another new logo in 2018.

From October 2019 until Shock's return after Christmas, the station also moved to a temporary home in Maxwell Building (Room 426a for any keen explorers) whilst repairs were underway at Uni House.

2020: Pandemic Broadcasting

The Coronavirus Pandemic put a stop to the friendly face-to-face communittee. Shock were supposed to be the hosts of the 202 Student Radio Conference, which was also cancelled. Shock was able to conduct some events from home, including the SU's freshers fair. 


Shock put more of a focus on podcasts during this period as live music broadcasting was more difficult. Shock Radio returned with full force in September 2021. Shock Xtra also launched as the home of alternative music.

2022: Cheeky Visual Side & Expanding the Network

Shock Xtra later became the home of Shock's visual content and became affiliated with NaSTA as an official student TV station.

Shock Xtra was renamed Shock TV in September 2023 and was one of the host stations for the 51st NaSTA Conference & Awards.

To symbolise the unique and unified nature of Radio & TV under one roof, Shock became a network. Shock Radio remains Manchester's Biggest Student Radio Station with Shock TV as Salford SU's only Official Student TV Station.

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