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By George Icke, Head of News | 10th March 2022

The University of Salford's student radio station will be hosting a 24-hour broadcast marathon raising funds for BBC Comic Relief. Station Manager Alex Charles, Shock Xtra’s Head of Tech Matthew Green, Treasurer Joe Lander and Up For It presenter Courtney Holder have all teamed up to create a 24-hour broadcast called The Comedy Campsite on the 18th March.

RIGHT TO LEFT: Alex Charles (Station Manager) | Courtney Holder & Joe Lander | Matt Green (Head of Tech, Shock Xtra)

Joe Lander & Courtney Holder are both first-year students at The University of Salford but are not letting that get in the way of their fundraising efforts.

Joe Lander, who also appears on Coast FM, said: "I'm very apprehensive about the fact that I'm not getting any sleep but I'm also eager to do it to get as much money raised as possible for such a good cause."

Courtney Holder, studying broadcast journalism, said: "I'll be keeping my composure as I can be very grumpy when I'm tired but I'm also incredibly competitive and always up for a challenge. I know I'll make it through."

The dynamic duo aren't the only members of Shock Radio raising money for Comic Relief though. Inspired by previous station visiter Jordan North's efforts for Comic Relief, Station Manager Alex Charles will be taking on his very own rowing challenge.

Alex will be rowing as far as he can to raise funds for Comic Relief.

Alex described the OB & Rowing challenge as being "technically the most difficult" Shock Radio has taken on. However, third-year student, Charles isn't willing to let that get in the way of his plans to grow Shock Radio. In his tenure as station manager, he's already launched spin-off station "Shock Xtra" allowing more students to find a platform.

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