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John Bercow: former speaker said to be a "serial bully"

By George Icke, Head of News | 8th March 2022

IMAGE: ODN (On-Demand News)

A former Speaker of The House, John Bercow, has been found guilty within a Labour bullying inquiry which has subsequently banned him from Parliament.

John Bercow was formerly "Speaker of The House" within The House of Commons, but stood down from the role in 2019 after spending 10 years famously calling "ORDER."

Last year, Bercow defected across the floor to join The Labour Party in a defiant move.

Sky News broke the story earlier today that the parliamentarian had been suspended following a guilty verdict during an investigation into allegations that Bercow was a "serial bully."

A report was published by an Independent Expert Panel which stated Mr Bercow: "has been a serial liar" and "a serial bully".

The report went further to state that should he be a "sitting" MP and be representing a constituency he would be expelled from the house.

It's not the first time John Bercow has attracted unwanted attention.

In 2019 his wife, of over 20 years, Sally Bercow's Range Rover had a neon yellow sticker with the words "Bollocks to Brexit" attached to her rearview mirror.


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