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“I would find it very difficult to be here and stay away from my family at xmas.”-lockdown on campus

The past eight-weeks have left students worried and confused about the governments fast changing COVID restrictions.

Since the start of the University term the government introduced a tiered lockdown system which has left students across the country facing varying levels of restrictions.

An announcement then came that from the 5th November the country would enter a second lockdown lasting four-weeks.

Coronavirus has impacted everybody around the world but no more so than students who feel the virus has had a huge impact on their initial university experience.

University of Salford first year student, Jasmine Thornhill said: “COVID restrictions have affected my initial university experience as I have not been able to socialise as well with other people in my building.

“I have also not been able to have lessons with everyone on my course together due to social distancing.”

The impact of government restrictions is not only having an impacting life on campus but is also restricting students from travelling home.

Jasmine said: “I feel sad about not being able to travel home because I still feel like I need the emotional support if I was ever feeling low and I find it unfair that I wouldn’t be able to travel home.”

With the country facing a second lockdown many students now worry they may not be able to travel home for Christmas.

The consequences of which may be concerning for students' mental wellbeing.

Jasmine spoke about how she would feel spending Christmas at university and said: “If I had to stay here at Christmas, I’d be irritated.

“As much as I get along with my flatmates, Christmas is about family.

“I would find it very difficult to be here and stay away from my family at Christmas.”

As cases continue to rise there is much uncertainty on campus about the possibility of a Christmas celebrated like previous years.

An announcement on guidance for university students returning home from their term time homes is expected in the coming weeks.


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