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Greater Manchester is one of the best places to run a small business - but why?

Glasgow has been ranked the best place to run a small business with Manchester and Derby taking joint second place.

The study based their decision upon average wages, travel time and house prices as well as the growth of small businesses based there.

Janine McDonald lost her job as a bank manager and decided to launch her new business as a home declutterer.

Janine visits people's homes in Greater Manchester and helps them reflect on their possessions and "their journey."

McDonald uses the insight from her own personal battle with depression to enhance others creativity, productivity and stability in a house without clutter.

Janine told Shock Radio News "I help them make decisions about the things they may struggle to let go of"

She also said: "I love helping local people and finding out their stories about where they've grown up in Manchester" as well as "everyone being really friendly."

Janine believes that working in Greater Manchester is a wholly different experience from anywhere else. She spoke of how most clients in the area "become friends" and at the end of some of their sessions, people will ask Janine if they can hug her.

Listen to Janine's interview with Shock Radio News


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