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Gerard Way is teasing something...

In this time of uncertainty, it can be very hard to find those small glimmers of hope that appear non-existent in this never-ending cycle of lockdowns and mental health battles. However, as we come to the end of what can only be described as an eventful yet unprecedented year, the light of hope is beginning to shine through the cracks, with a vaccine for Covid 19 in sight and an attainable end to the torture of isolation.

In the world of music, this year has been an incredible one. Albums produced during lockdown have swept every country and broken the internet. Extraordinary festival line ups have been announced and are starting to cause chaos at the ticket office and future plans for artists across the globe have finally been unveiled. However, fans of a particular group of artists, because of one particular Instagram post, have been sent into a frenzy.

Quite possibly the biggest reunion of 2019 took place in Los Angeles at the Shrine and was the venue that would see emo powerhouse My Chemical Romance perform together once again, after a long 6 years of separation. After a sold-out show in LA, and an unfortunately rescheduled North American and European tour, MCR have kept themselves out of the public eye for the year. That is until yesterday.

Frontman Gerard Way posted an incredibly cryptic photo onto his Instagram page, no tags, no captions, no explanations…and it has caused chaos.

The picture in question shows a white statue of a religious symbol of some sort, covered by a black shape, with lines of gold emblazoning the forefront. The picture is quite difficult to explain, but it draws one question. What does it mean?!

As a die-hard MCR fan myself, I was blown away by this picture. In my experience, if an artist is to post a picture, with no explanation behind it, something is coming, but what is it? Fans of the band, took to the Instagram post to do some detective work, the majority drawing towards the idea of a new MCR album, their first in 10 years. However, it’s never easy to tell what is floating around the ether, so most cry out for an explanation, one fan said “It’s a statue…. covered in “stuff” …OMG somebody explain”. Another fan said “I’m just saying this gives me mx graveyard vibes” referring to their popular song Cemetery Drive. Perhaps the best comment of all stated “it’s like you spend all your free time finding new ways to torture your fans”.

Having said all of this, we won’t know what they’ve got in store for us until it happens. But one thing is for sure, something big is coming.

What do you think?

George Owen


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