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Staying happy and productive during lockdown

As the UK has gone into lockdown and many of us are sat indoors with little to do, you're probably looking everywhere and anywhere to find something to fill the time, right?

Staying inside and away from your friends and family while the UK has had its best weather in months can be extremely challenging. Through it all, we have to remember that these measures have been put into place to keep us safe and healthy!

In an attempt to make it a little more bearable for you, myself and the team at Shock have come up with some ideas to help you stay productive and happy while you self-isolate and socially distance yourself.

Attend a virtual concert

Due to the majority of concerts and festivals being cancelled or postponed, many artists have taken to their social media platforms to perform for their fans in the comfort of their own homes via live streaming. A wide range of artists have announced that they will be going live on their platforms in the next coming days and you can find out who, when and where right here!

It doesn't stop there! You can attend a virtual nightclub too! Boiler Room usually do live streams from DJ sets at festivals and clubs. They are now broadcasting on YouTube from artists' homes to provide you with sessions in isolation.

Play games while video calling friends

You probably have been seeing a lot on social media about the app Houseparty, where up to 8 people can video call and play games such as Heads Up! and Quick Draw. This is a great option if you're wanting to catch up with your mates and have some fun at the same time.

Get involved with a virtual pub quiz

If you are a student and missing your SU quiz nights (or just any other person missing your local pub), check out The Pembury Tavern (@pemburytavern) on Instagram! Every Monday from 7PM, they are hosting a virtual pub quiz to start your week with a bit of fun. Don't miss out!

Work on your cooking skills

Sick of living off plain pasta and boring ready meals? Take a look through your dusty recipe books and learn something new! If you're trying to make a meal out of left over supplies, there are also plenty of apps which tell you want you can make with the ingredients you have in your cupboard. Interested? Take a look at the SuperCook app.

Make yourself a to-do list every morning

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated for the day is to give yourself daily goals from the moment you wake up. Every morning or the night before, make yourself a list of tasks you have to complete that day. A fun way to keep on top of this is to post your list on your Instagram story (provided you're not giving out any personal information), and document the completion of your tasks! For example, if you need to clean your kitchen, then post before and after pictures. Cross off your tasks as you complete them and give your followers and update at the end of the day!

Do all those tasks you've been procrastinating

There's no better time to get ahead of work or declutter your wardrobe than now. It's time to stop avoiding those tasks that you've been meaning to do but have forgotten about. Now is your chance to put this free time to use! Cleaning, decluttering and rearranging your space is not only productive, but it's fun to dance around whilst doing it and satisfying to see the results.

Start your own online business

Have you got a skill or talent which you could use to earn some money? Good with a paintbrush but thinking of moving away from canvas and onto jeans? There's a huge chance for you to start up your own business online! Whether you're a graphic designer or think you could tutor a young person in maths, there are people out there who could use your help right now. Create a new Instagram account to use as a portfolio for your work or get to emailing people directly to see how you can help them from your space.

Take up a new skill or revisit an old one

Speaking of skills... what about that guitar in the corner of your room which you've not touched since last year? Pick it up and learn the chords for your favourite song! Learning a new skill without leaving the house doesn't have to sound like a chore. Let someone on YouTube teach you sign language, learn a dance routine to your summer anthem or discover your love for TikTok dances. You could teach your dog how to skip or even do the laundry, which is what YouTuber Liam Thompson did last week! Check out his channel here for more ideas.

Listen to your favourite radio shows and podcasts

The audio world is expanding and becoming more and more popular! Along with industry radio, you also have student radio and podcasts all at your doorstep. Take a look at our radio shows here or have a browse through our podcasts here!

We hope this has given yourself some ideas on how to stay happy and productive! Stay inside, wash your hands and keep busy.

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