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Mumford & Sons – Delta Tour Review

On the 23rd November Birmingham’s Genting Arena was crammed packed with exasperated music lovers, ready for the iconic band! With lead singer Marcus Mumford leading the crowd with, “Well, here we are”, left the audience with the sense of anticipation and signified that this night would be a significant night!

Mumford & Sons launched their tour at: The 3Arena Dublin, that kickstarted off an immense tour; however, with numerous cancellations to the tour due technical problems; they have rescheduled them in June next year. This left the band gutted and they didn’t want to let people down.

Supporting artist was Maggie Rogers who joined Mumford & Sons on stage; she did a duet with Marcus Mumford of, Beloved. With the rawness of Mumford’s voice and Rogers enchanting voice combined made the audience bounce off this with enthusiasm.

The band came onto to the first single off new album Delta album, Guiding Light which made the crowd erupt and lose control.

Mumford & Sons bought a rectangular stage, which replicated a pirate ship with its pendulous lighting above that unfurls like sails and stepped platforms; made the band play from various points. The stage was centred in the middle of Genting Arena with masses of people surrounding the stage; made for a more intimate and personal connection with the audience.

During the performance, Marcus Mumford indulged with the rock-star essence by plunging into the crowd; by climbing to the seating area and immensely running through the crowd whilst singing – creating an ultimate moment for fans by bringing everyone together.

Songs like, Little Lion Man, Tompkins Square Park, Believe, White Blank Page, and The Cave truly engrossed and animated the fans into exhilaration, which made it a night to not forget.

After the encore the band came on with, Timshel that was unplugged and consisted of all the band around one microphone. It was the most significant moment of the night with fans in full silence as, Marcus Mumford told the crowd to be quiet because they were a rowdy bunch and it wont work as there’s only one microphone with four voices, the crowd started to edge towards silence when one wooed and Mumford replied, shut the f up. This left the audience and the band in hysterics and put

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