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Lewis Capaldi Tour Review

Lewis Capaldi brought his UK and European Tour to Manchester on Tuesday performing at the beautiful Albert Hall. His two support acts Nina Nesbitt and Billy Locket warmed up the crowd with their own songs along with covers such as Toxic by Britney Spears

Capaldi entered the stage to ‘Mamma Mia’, by ABBA which then faded into his latest single ‘Grace’. Capaldi played a mix of released songs from ‘Mercy’, ‘Rush’ and ‘Lost on You’. Each single was sung with perfection, replicating the studio version to an extent that you wouldn’t think he was performing live.

Later in the show Capaldi played his song, ‘Rush’, and brought out his support act, Nina Nesbitt, to take the place of Jessie Rayez on the track. The duo complimented each other greatly showing a real friendship between them.

Capaldi not only performed stunningly, but also entertained when interacting with the crowd. He enjoyed informing the crowd of some backstage secrets and his personal favourite tracks. His colourful language of swear words and comedic perspective of encores allowed his personality to shine through as well as his pure talent as a musician. These little segments of chit-chat highlighted the friendship between him and his band, and also his connection with the crowd.

Capaldi also previewed songs that are yet to be released including slower songs like ‘Headspace’ and then more upbeat ones like ‘Hollywood’.

The singer ended his eleven-song set with his two singles ‘Fade’ and ‘Tough’ which he interacted with the crowd a lot in, allowing them to sing along themselves and gave them parts to sing for him. He also played his guitar in these songs demonstrating his wide range of talent within music.

After leaving the stage for his encore, Capaldi returned to perform his biggest single ‘Bruises’ which the crowd had been most eager to hear, ending the gig on a real high.

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