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5 Seconds of Summer - Tour Review

27th October 2018 marked the fourth show of the ‘Meet You There tour’ of 5 Seconds of Summer at the 02 Apollo Manchester.

Before the show started, I attended a soundtrack experience where I got to take part in a Q&A learning different things about the band. They told the crowd that they will be unsigned from their record label on 16th November and will be finding a new label in the new year. A young girl asked if they could collaborate with any bands from Manchester and they all agreed after discussing different bands that there wouldn’t be anyone.

Calum said his favourite song to play live is ‘Talk Fast’ and Michaels is ‘If walls could talk’.

The question that I asked was ‘ If you could live anywhere for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?’ Callum said Sydney, Luke said Sydney, LA or the Bahamas, Michael said Sydney, LA or Tokyo and Ashton said Iceland.

The supporting artist that warmed the crowd up were called lovelytheband and they set the expectation levels high with songs like ‘friends’ and covers of songs like ‘Mr Brightside’. They are from LA and are an Indie pop band that formed in 2016. As a band they started well and ended well setting the crowd up for 5SOS.

When 5SOS came out they started the show with a song called Babylon into Talk fast and on to moving along. Amnesia was played which everyone got their flashlights out to sing along and I’d like to say it slightly calmed the crowd, but it didn’t. A room full of screaming girls shouting the song lyrics was immense.

As they were playing in Manchester, they even sang a song we all know the words to ‘Wonderwall’ where everyone sang along.

The band sang songs like Want you back and Valentine and Ghost of you. After the crowd screamed for them to come back on, Youngblood finished the show off with everyone screaming and jumping. The whole show left everyone on a huge high with people singing the songs as they left the building.

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