WWE United Kingdom Championship II Night One Results

NXT announce new UK Division, Zack Gibson wins UK Tournament.

History was made for British wrestling last night as WWE NXT took over the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London last night for Day One of the United Kingdom Championship Tournament II. Established NXT stars such as The Undisputed Era and Shayna Basler appeared, as well as top UK stars such as United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven and many more.

Match 1: ‘Gentleman’ Jack Gallagher vs ‘Liverpool’s Number One’ Zack Gibson.

The match started out quite slow with some technical holds as well as some showboating from Gallagher. Gibson did well to draw heat from the crowd with some heel tactics such as stomps to the limps and mocking the crowd. The crowd were electric with a flurry of inventive chants against Gibson. Towards the end of the match, there were some stiff kicks and headbutts by Gallagher, as well as Gibson showing off what he calls ‘Scouse Style’ with a double knee gut-buster, which he calls the ‘Ticket to Ride.’ One spot where Gallagher did a Senton into the ring and transition into a sleeper hold was impressive. The match ended with Gallagher going for a headbutt from the top rope but was caught with kick to the face, and then Gibson applied the ‘Shankly Gates’ submission hold for the win.

Match Rating: 3 Stars

Match 2: ‘Iron King’ Joe Coffey vs Dave Mastiff

The former two-time ICW Champion, Joe Coffey took on the ‘Black Country Bruiser,’ 300 plus pound, Dave Mastiff. This match started with some stiff shoulder tackles between the pair to show off their strength. Coffey took control early on showing him to be the more agile of the pair but then Mastiff used his strength and size to get back in the match. Mastiff then proceeded to dominate the match, focusing on Coffey’s ribs until Coffey showed off three mean feats of strengths, hitting Mastiff first with a Back Suplex, then a Belly to Belly Suplex and finally and German Suplex. Coffey hit a springboard cross body and then followed up with a discus forearm for the win.

Match Ratings: 3 Stars

Match 3: ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster vs Jordan Devlin

The self-proclaimed ‘Mod-Father’ Webster came to the ring dressed like a cross between Liam Gallagher and Paul Weller. Devlin was once trained under former WWE Universal Champion and former Bullet Club leader, Finn Balor. The match started off with some disrespectful attitude from Devlin with some slaps and hard wrist locks. The fans were quick to chant, ‘Cheap Finn Balor’ and ‘Your head is too big for you’ toward Devlin. Webster showed off some of his fast pace style with his arm drags, head scissors and a somersault Senton Bomb. Webster performed a great spot when he dived to the outside three times in a row, though the bottom and middle rope, and then a Topè con Hilo over the rope. Devlin then proceeded to hit a Spanish Fly from the top rope followed up by a Super Kick. The match ended with Devlin attempting a Moonsalt but then was countered by Webster who hit the ‘Eton Rifle’ for the three count.

Match Rating: 3 Stars

Match 4: ‘Kiwi Buzzsaw’ Travis Banks vs Ashton Smith

It was a clash of styles with Travis Banks being the submission specialist with Smith being the more aggressive of the two in the final quarterfinal match. Both men shook hands as a show of respect before the match. Very early on, Banks showed off a show of agility and tactical movement, with Smith showing off his power. Smith tried to get a quick start on Banks, but Banks countered with a flurry of stiff kicks and knees. Smith hit a very well executed Topè con Hilo which was unexpected. There was a great spot in the match where Banks continued to hit Smith with forearms, until Smith screamed to Banks to hit him as hard as he could and then Banks hit him with a Fisherman Bomb to secure the win.

Match Ratings: 3 ½ Stars

Match 5: Toni Storm vs Killer Kelly vs Isla Dawn to determine the number one contender for the NXT Woman’s Championship.

These three women fought for the right to face Shayna Basler on night two for the NXT Woman’s title in a triple threat match. Both Kelly and Dawn focused to take out Storm early before taking on each other. Kelly showed off a good display of stiff knee strikes before giving Dawn a drop kick into the corner. All three women then hit each other with combination of chops, kicks and forearms to try and take the other down, especially one stiff kick from Kelly to Dawn. But then the match ended quickly, with Toni Storm hitting the ‘Storm Zero’ neck breaker on Dawn for the win. Storm then confronted ‘The Queen of Spades’ and former MMA legend Basler to set up their match tomorrow night.

Match Rating: 2 ½ Stars

WWE CEO Triple H then made a special appearance to address the crowd. “This is a cool building.” said the 14-time WWE World Heavyweight champion. He then went on to thank the talent that came before like Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Wolfgang and Pete Dunne. He then introduced the new WWE NXT UK general manager Johnny Saint. Saint announced the new NXT UK Brand, something fans wanted since the first United Kingdom Championship tournament in Blackpool, in January 2017. Triple H then promised, “The best in the UK wrestling scene” and even proclaimed a new women’s division would be created alongside it. Four events were then announced in Cambridge, Birmingham, Plymouth and Liverpool later this year.

Match 6: “Flash” Morgan Webster vs “Liverpool Number One” Zack Gibson

The first semi-final match was started fast with Morgan throwing punches on Gibson really quickly and then hit him with a high knee. He then followed Gibson to the outside and delivered the head scissors onto the barricade. Morgan tried to end it quickly with an Eton Rifle, but then was quickly countered by Gibson with a Lawn Dart. The crowd were firmly behind Webster with chants of “Stand-up (and Sit-down) if you hate Gibson.” Webster then tried to follow up with the same dives to the outside spot that he tried earlier on with Jordan Devlin. However, Webster got caught with a brain buster by Gibson to the steel floor. Webster then rolled back into the ring before being counted out, but only to be caught by the Shankly Gates submission hold by Gibson, quickly tapping out.

Match Rating: 3 Stars

Match 7: “Kiwi Buzzsaw” Travis Banks vs “Iron King” Joe Coffey

Former ‘Prestige’ stablemates Travis Banks and Joe Coffey fought each other in the final semi-final match to determine who would face Zach Gibson in the final. Before the match started, Coffey was selling a rib injury that he suffered in the earlier match with Dave Mastiff. Again, both men shook hands before the match began as a show respect. Both men started very technical and strong with a mix of holds and strikes. Coffey performed a great under-hook swing into on the Double Hooked Suplex. The former rugby player then continued to apply submission holds on the ‘Kiwi Buzzsaw’ acting more of the heel in the match. This match had more of a Japanese style to it, with Coffey focusing on the shoulder of Banks and Banks focusing on the ribs of Coffey. Both men hit each other with stiff kicks and strong suplexes. After a strong sequence towards the end of the match, Banks rolled up Coffey with a Victory Roll for the win. Coffey proceeded to turn heel, attacking Banks after the match throwing him into the ring post and hitting him with the discus clothesline.

Match Rating: 3 3/4 Stars