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Don Broco - 'Technology' - Album Review

Don Broco are one of those bands who don’t seem to release music as often as some would like, but despite this, they have a large following of dedicated fans, who first became consumed during the overplayed tenure, on what seemed to be every single music programme that Kerrang produced, playing early in the morning, to late at night. This is how I became familiar with the Bedford lads, during their first album ‘Priorities’ (Sony Music Entertainment, 2012) era. Now the boys are back with their third studio album, Technology (Sharp Tone Records, 2018), ten years on since they formed and it’s Don Broco as you’ve sort of seen before.

Released on 2nd February 2018, the Broco lads are as loud, adventurous and ambitious as ever, mixing together their original sound with the newer and more up-to-date vibes, feeding deprived fans, but also catering to new followers and potential listeners, who will no doubt eat the album up, revising every track’s lyrics, inside and out.

With sixteen brand, new tracks under their belt, the album itself seems confused, switching from a heavy rock sound, to some sort of electronic rock vibe and then an 80’s synth style thrown into the mix, but also attempting to keep a similar style older releases, in order to keep the oldest fans engaged. The blending of so many genres and styles makes it difficult to pin point the exact aim the boys were going for, losing the point during the creational process of the album. With the point lost, what’s is the point of the album?

‘It’s Don Broco as you’ve sort of seen them before.’

Starting off strong with the album title, Technology, it gives listeners and fans what they’ve been waiting for, Excitement with an explosive, rhythmic and energetic song, accompanied by impressive riffs, vocals and the ability to imagine the translation to the stage, perfect for the main stage at Slam Dunk, making it either the perfect concert opener or closing the show before the encore, making any fan want to hear more. The album uses edgey bass solos and cleverly written lyrics that makes you believe is a stunning album, not flawless, but pretty damn good.

But, as the album progressed toward the middle, the more it dragged and the excitement and once impressive musical aspects, became dragged out and diluted, abusing their new(ish), and popish vibes that don’t blend well with the first half, where the confusion kicks in.

What lets the album down is the pop chart-ish style that certain tracks take, like Come Out LA, it feels like it doesn’t belong on the album, then progressing to Potty Mouth, where Rob Damiani, despite the name throws in what feels like unnecessary swearing, un-suiting, unbefitting to the band’s overall sound and image.

Is it a good album? Uh, yeah. It isn’t an easy listen at times and seems to be one of those albums you really have to be in the mood to listen to. The progressive sound given, though good for the band’s image and often catchy, sticking occasionally sticking to the band’s signature sound, overall album seems to be cluttered, crowded and confused. Not my personal cup of tea, but there’s denying that Don Broco is staying relevant within the alternative rock scene.

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