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New Artist of the Week - Ella Mai

This week’s new artist is singer Ella Ma who is known for her classic R&B nineties style. The half Jamaican, half Irish singer has gone through major changes to get to where she is today. Raised in South London, Mai attended a theatre school to study theatre performance.

However, at the age of 12 she moved to Queens, New York. She explains how she was “plunked on the other side of the ocean out of her comfort zone”. The blossoming artist transferred to a Music University to peruse her career. Ella then went on to create her own version of Fetty Wap’s 679 which was then recorded and posted onto Instagram. Little did she realise the video would go viral! Ever since then Mai’s music career has jetted off to a success. She is now signed to Summer Records and has released album ‘CHANGE’ in 2016 and ‘READY’ in 2017. One of my personal favourites off Ella’s album is “Down”. She flips the Classic 1994 Brandy’s track and makes it her own as after all she is a 90’s R&B, which is evident within her music! With inspiration from these old-time artists, Mai is also fans of Tinashe and Mila J.

The self-styles role model wants women to feel empowered by her music. She explained “it is important to know what you stand for; my message is one that can touch a lot of people”. With that being said, if you haven’t yet heard Ella Mais talent, then check out her albums Time, Change and Ready that showcases her unique voice, and a knack for spoken-word interludes. Keep a look out because she is one rising star!

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