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Picture This - Gig Review

Irish pop band ‘picture this’ took on Manchester O2 Academy on Friday 3rd November, they're sold out the show had everyone's attention drawn to them while they performed songs from their new album.

At the start of the night, around 8 o’clock, their support act Catherine Mcgrath performed songs such as ‘Just in case’ an original by her to a cover of ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol. With her pop-country vibe, she has everyone in the audience connected with what she was singing as she was drawing from her own emotions when singing, especially her originals.

Around a half an hour after Mcgrath finished her set Picture This came on stage starting with their song ‘Let’s be young’. From the start the recognised the audience, speaking to them informally, asking how they were, swearing and introducing themselves as a band. In an exclusive interview with Shock, the band revealed that they’ve had a crazy fan experience, “We had someone break into our dressing room once in London, which was eventful because the door was locked and the next thing it was exploding open” Jimmy Rainsford, the drummer for the band. The night then continued with Picture This staying connected with their fans via asking them questions such as “give us a scream if you’ve got our album”.

While observing the band and the crowd it was clear to see that the love the fans have for the band; the band also has a great love for not only the fans but performing; every moment they were on stage there was never a dull moment.

Around halfway through their set the lead singer: Ryan Hennessy came on stage alone and slowed down the atmosphere as he sang ‘Jane’ which he stated was about a girl that he used to be with but it didn’t work out, “if you name is Jane this is about you, if you name isn’t Jane this is also about you.” This song that he sang with just him and his guitar then made the level of the concert from an upbeat atmosphere to an acute connection between him, the fans and the song.

There was then another whole new level to the show, an intimate one but this time not through song but through the Ryan performing the rest of the show topless. Lead singers have always been seen as heartthrobs and Ryan met this stereotype showing off his body that was painted with various tattoo that fans couldn’t keep their eyes off. By the end of the show he was in the crowd singing and dancing with his fans, and although security was trying to get him out he refused to move until he was done interacting with them.

The show as a whole was upbeat and full of enjoyment not only for the fans but also from the band themselves. They took every second they could and they most into it, although this wasn’t the biggest venue they’re playing at while on his tour they treated it as if it was. Their relationship as a band is what really brought the show to the next level. Incredible show throughout, took a real journey through each song they performed.

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