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Podcast Review - Clinton Baptiste's paranormal podcast series 3

CREDIT: Mark Hallam

Beware! Clairvoyant, Medium and Psychic Clinton Baptiste is back for a his third series of his Paranormal Podcast! In this series the former Phoenix Nights character (created by Alex Lowe). Travels to a healing festival where the duration of the series is set. Clinton comes across a wide range of characters old and new, including his best friend (or enemy) Ramone who tries to emulate Clinton's psychic 'powers' by any means.

The Paranormal Podcast is a very interesting piece of work by Lowe, 52. Who has created an immersive environment that the listener can get lost in while they listen to the variety of sketches that will leave you chuckling. The content that Lowe is releasing goes along with the recent rescheduling of his tour that was abruptly postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During lockdown Lowe was active on social media as Clinton promoting the new series of the pod as well as hosting shows on Zoom in a QVC style comedy show that also featured Ramone. I really enjoyed listening to the Paranormal Podcast and managed to have a good laugh at the crazy, funny and incredibly awkward situations that Clinton finds himself in. This series of the podcast is more experimental than the previous two, Clinton has brand new surroundings as he embarks on his journey around 'The Healing Festival'

Experimenting with new content in new environments is always difficult. Sometimes the things that writers go for don't land, especially in sitcom podcasts. I feel like Lowe hit the nail on the head here however, this third series was hilarious! Some of the situations that Clinton and Ramone would find themselves in gave me so much second hand embarrassment but even more laughs. The podcast is made as if the audience is there with Clinton, almost like he is guiding you through all of the different places in the healing festival. With each place bringing new characters and more awkward situations to the table.

There are definitely things that could have been improved on however. In the first episode I felt like there were certain segments that went on for a bit too long and I ended up not paying attention to it because of how long it lasted. I feel like this was just a case of a style that made Clintons lines feel improvised, something that is a consistency throughout the series. My favourite parts were definitely the bits that had that sort of tone to them, where Clinton and Ramone or whoever it was could ramble on and joke about how they were bringing the most random of people back from 'behind the celestial curtain' and talking absolute nonsense in an attempt to win their arguments.

Overall I was a huge fan of the third series of the Paranormal Podcast, I feel like the new environment was a breath of fresh air and it gave the audience a new set of situations and environments that they hadn't heard before.



Written by Liam Brusby


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