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New shock radio podcast launches

A brand new podcast from the Shock Radio news team has debuted.

Exclusively available on the Shock Radio podcast feed, the new release aims to create a safe space and platform where students can discuss and debate what has been happening in the news in the past week.

The first episode of 'Cocktails & Current Affairs' premiered on the 12th February with new editions released weekly.

Now more than ever, many of us have been glued to our social media feeds and tv screens, the podcast looks to reflect the conversations that are happening in student houses up and down the country.

Introduced by the Head of News at Shock Radio Isaac Shelton said: "I hope our podcast will give an avenue for students to sensibly discuss and debate the world around us.

"Often mainstream media ignores our voices and it is important that we do what student radio does best. and reflect our members and audience.

"Above all that though, hopefully people will find that humour binds the whole podcast together and people enjoy listening."

You can listen to the podcast below.

f you would like to be involved in future episodes and feature in the podcast please email Shock Radio's Head of News


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