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Lucy Deakin - "i got bored" EP Review

There are many words that can be used to describe Lucy Deakin’s brand new and anticipated EP “I got bored”; charming, stylish, emotional, meaningful, anthemic; these are just a few that float to the surface. However, these are the perfect descriptors for a faultless, sleek and beautiful EP, that took me on a journey; of different genres, melodies and stories. With each song, comes a different chapter and Deakin allows the listener to travel with her, through her emotional experiences as well as shares with us her dreams within the story.

The story in question is one of a relationship, one that starts and ends as the EP progresses. The opening track “bad in love” drops us straight in the deep end as Deakin describes to us the volatile end of a failed relationship. On one hand, the lyrics describe a deep and personal account of the emotions that one would feel should they find themselves in that situation, directly from the perspective of Deakin. On the other hand, it is a wholly assertive attack on failed relationships, loose ends and mistakes in love, which are extremely relatable to near enough everyone.

Every person will have come across or been involved in the issues that Deakin tackles in this song at least once, in turn giving the song a very empowering feel to it that simultaneously has you dancing. Nevertheless, her powerful lyrics in this song are perfectly interwoven within a bass heavy beat and dance type melody right from the get-go, making this song, in my opinion, a banger.

However, the EP draws you in, then gracefully mellows you out with the following tracks. “we could be” encapsulates what one would essentially yearn for in a relationship. It holds an air of romance and elegance about it that immediately soothes you as a listener, which is heightened by Deakin’s tranquil and comforting vocals that flow seamlessly throughout. Intense emotions of love and passion are faultlessly driven in the tracks “close” and “be alright” where the story of our relationship seems to take a rocky turn. This lasts up until “i got bored” which ultimately describes the end of a relationship in an unreservedly reverential manner, not channelling thoughts of regret, but ideas of growth and alongside this, drives a certain charm that manages to enchant the listener with style and poise.

In a sense, the whole EP stylishly follows a concept, the journey of a relationship from start to finish. Deakin’s very powerful vocals capture not only her own point of view from experiences in love but also manage to place the listener in her shoes, allowing them to audibly experience the ups, downs, cloud nine-s and emotional traumas that being in a relationship can evoke. All in all, the EP is an absolute joy to listen to, it is melodic, anthemic and enchanting, yet another outstanding addition to a very talented, rising star’s musical arsenal.

You can check out her new EP on all streaming services and you can purchase the EP on 12” Vinyl from her website!

- George Owen


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