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Hold The Front Page! Commemorative Queen papers sell for hundreds

Newspapers commemorating the passing and state funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second are already fetching a pretty penny.

Hundreds of people got their hands on special editions of the newspapers, and have now listed them on eBay.

If you had a set of The Times newspapers from the 9th, 11th & 20th of September, then you could have enough money from selling the collection to fill the average family car 3.5 times or splash out on a Michael Kors crossbody bag.

Some people have said that collecting these newspapers is like forming their own "time capsule" and will offer them something to "show our grandchildren."

The seller listing the special edition of "The Times" said they were "The chance to own a piece of history."

He also said the £5 postage would ensure that they were hardbacked and didn't arrive damaged.

Should you have £250 to spare you can pick up the 3 newspapers here.


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