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Firefighters praised for swift and safe response to flat fire in Salford

Firefighters have been praised for their swift and safe response to a flat fire in Salford.

GMFRS were called to the scene at Mulberry Court, near to Salford Shopping Centre just after 8am this morning (Tuesday).

Six fire engines attended the incident and the whole building was evacuated whilst the fire was extinguished on the tenth floor of the building.

No injuries were reported and the investigation into the cause is ongoing.

Ben Levy, Area Manager at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, said: “At 8.10am on 27 December 2022, we received the first of a number of calls about a high-rise building fire at Mulberry Court, Salford.

“Our firefighters were quickly on scene and at the height of the response we had five fire engines and an aerial ladder platform in attendance.

“Firefighters, using breathing apparatus, tackled what was an intense fire in a flat on the tenth floor, bringing it under control using water jets. They successfully contained the fire to the tenth floor, but as a precaution 88 flats in the building were evacuated.

“Thankfully, no injuries have been reported and our fire safety officer, who is working closely with Salix Homes, has confirmed that the building performed as expected. Residents have started to return to their homes, and we are working with Salix Homes to reassure them.

“Given the severity of this fire and this being a high-rise building, I’m proud of our firefighters and their swift and safe response to protect people. An investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing.”

Many residents were allowed back into their homes shortly after 10:30am, Salix Homes are supporting those who haven’t been able to return at this time.

Sue Sutton, the chief executive of Salix Homes said: "The safety of our residents is our primary concern and we would like to reassure all our residents that the fire alarm system activated as it is designed to, along with the additional fire safety measures we have in place on the block.

"In line with the Stay Safe policy in operation at the building, the alarm is designed to sound in the area affected by fire. The fire service evacuated the rest of the building as a precautionary measure.

"We are continuing to work with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to determine the cause of the blaze.”

Image Credit; GMFRS



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