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Dereck Chisora Vs Oleksandr Usyk Fight Review

Saturday 31st October saw the United Kingdom’s, Dereck Chisora, fight Ukraine’s, Oleksandr Usyk. The two heavyweights came into the fight with impressive records, Chisora’s being 32-10 and Usyk’s being 18-0, both men knocking most of their opponents out.

The night saw Usyk completely outclass the veteran over the course of 12 gruelling rounds. Chisora came out at the first bell trying to keep the fight in close quarters, however this was not to be the case as Usyk set traps all around the ring and started to showcase his skills. Rounds 1, 2, and 3 were all comfortably won by Usyk. As the onslaught continued through the match, Chisora’s good friend and fellow boxer started to bark encouragement at him in order to get a reaction from the Orthodox fighter.

The fifth round then begun, Chisora needed to change something as his aggressive style was not paying off. He changed from his Orthodox stance to Southpaw in order to get Usyk to change his style of fighting. Round 5 finished, and Chisora was breathing heavily. Usyk increased the pace of the fight to try and finish Chisora and had Chisora right where he wanted him as he became disorientated in the 7th, and a maniacal grin appeared on the face of Usyk.

Chisora once again changed up his stance as the mind games resurfaced. At this point in the fight it just angered Usyk as he became relentless and his talented boxing style became a bit scrappy. The shots Usyk started to throw were more disorganised however, just as spiteful.

At the final bell Anthony Joshua, current heavyweight champion, was seen pacing alongside the ring as he awaited his fight against Kubrat Pule, knowing that Usyk had his sights set on him, and that a match was in the near future with the mercurial, unbeaten Ukrainian. After the fight the Ukrainian was left unimpressed with fight labelling it a “three out of ten”.

The final scorecards of the fight read: 117-112, 115-113 all in favour of Oleksandr Usyk.


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