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Book REVIEW - Eat, Sleep, Zoom, Reheat - By Chris Stark

Image: John Blake Books

BBC Radio presenter, third wheel to Peter Crouch and former fresher Chris Stark has released his first student cook book!

The 33 year-old radio presenter and passionate cook looks back at previous memories as a fresher as he guides freshers on how to survive and thrive in their student kitchens, even if they are stuck at home.

I had the privilege of chatting to Chris about the book. The book originally had the title 'Eat, Sleep, Rave, Reheat. But the title was changed due to the pandemic, I asked him about this and he said "We made the book, but then COVID happened! We thought that we shouldn't release the cook book because there wasn't any certainty that students would be going to university this year. But me and the publishers were in the same mindset, we wanted to get it out and we didn't want to delay it. It's just meant to be a bit of fun, a few uni stories and a load of recipes that hopefully help a lot of people out"

He jokingly added "You need to keep a hold of it in case I become the next J.K Rowling" Possibly the J.K Rowling of student cook books!

Stark is a graduate of the University of Southampton, where he studied politics, he also volunteered for the Universities student radio station. During his time at uni he found his passion for cooking, I asked him if he would spend days in his accommodation experimenting with different flavours and foods in the cupboard, he surprisingly said "No! But I look back now and think 'well I had enough free time that I could have spent cooking' It would have been basic stuff and I just never did it"

Chris' book is portioned into 7 different tasty chapters. From hot meals for winter to sporty snacks and sweet treats. My personal favourite being the 'Skint as A Flint' Chapter, with recipes for Mac 'n' Cheese and leftover toasties. Towards the end of my chat with Chris, I gave him a scenario. He has set up a dinner party for his closest friends (In this case Peter Crouch and Scott Mills). He said "I'd go for the slow cooker approach, soup for starter, beef stew in the middle. Puddings aren't really my thing! I felt like I had to put some in the book so any of them will do"

Starks new book feel like it's one of a kind. It's a student cookbook, made by a former student, for students. With the interesting recipes and quirky stories included all for under a tenner. This book is definitely something you should get your hands on while you can!

Written by Liam Brusby


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