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October Drift - 10/02/20

On their third date of their Forever Whatever Tour, October Drift hit the home of indie hard with their fast paced songs, that were equally matched by a bouncing crowd.

Going back to the Pink room in Yes, I was a bit worried about how the bands were going to sound. Every time it seems that the vocals get drowned out by a raging guitar, or there is some other audio fault, and the support acts faced this problem.

However, October Drift were a bit different. The leads vocals didn't get lost, but blended into the hard hitting drums and fast guitar rhythms, it wasn't perfect, but it was an improvement.

What was different about the jumping crowd was that the front five rows had an average age of 40, and they never stopped jumping.

And neither did October Drift. Whatever they played, whatever the pace, the front three did not stop bouncing.

Front man Kiran Roy was full of confidence, jumping into the crowd more than once to play his guitar in front of singing fans, and at one point walking the length of the venue to stand on the bar at the other side.

Most of the songs played came from their debut album "Forever Whatever", and the way each member of the band were playing, you could see how much it meant to them.

There was nothing but passion put into the performance, and that was finished with a solo performance of "Naked" with Roy playing alone on stage.

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