Don’t Open Love Letters: ‘Dress Code’ Review

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This generation needs more female pop-punk bands and when I say this, I don’t mean we need more Paramore or Against the Current rip offs.

No, what I bring to you this time is none other than ‘Don’t Open Love Letters’ or ‘DOLL’ for short. The female pop punk duo consists of Simone Armstrong and Victoria ‘Toria’ Nathanson and they have just released their new single ‘Dress Code’ which I genuinely believe is set to blow up like my jean size during the Christmas period.

If I was judging by the first thirty seconds of the song, I would place it In an empowering female fronted coming of age film set in the late nineties with an opening cut scene with possibly a few people skating or a fun getaway scene that evidently sets the tone of the film.

The song opens with some retro sounding high pitched synths that are quickly met with progressive guitar riffs and a matching drumbeat. From the get-go you can tell the energy is being brought hard.

The chorus is what grabs me the most. “We make our own fu**ing dress code”. The venom during the delivery met with the intensity of the guitar blends perfectly and gets you hyped for the rest of the musical journey.