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Bryn Stagg, 'Ante Up' Review. OUT NOW!

What are you doing tonight?

Nothing? Good.


Bryn Stagg has a new single of course and it slaps harder than Conor McGregor.

22-year-old Bryn from Nafferton has created a hit that echoes the likes of Kasabian meets The Wallows (I know, like everyone these days) but, he’s different. I swear.

Now, although this wouldn’t be in my ‘made for you’ section on Spotify, it’s been on repeat since I first listened.

Bryn has been in several bands and has used his musical experience wisely when creating his debut single ‘Ante up’ to launch his solo career.

Now for the fun part.

The Vocals are ambient yet strong. They put you into an almost trance like state, well, for me anyway. As usual, I wanted to get down the bones of the track and as expected, Bryn was experimenting with something new that paid off.

“The vocals are a lot more ambient than what I’d usually go for, maybe it’ll stay with this project or it might be a one-off! The track is disorientating & winding, so the depth alone was so important”

The next question on my mind was, ‘who is on the backup vocals?’ Surely, he doesn’t have that sort of range. Well, for once, I was right. Bryn explained he’s not the only musical talent in his family.

“That was my younger sister @bridiestagg of ‘Priestgate’, she’s always been just as musical as me so getting her in to record the drums last minute was a breeze, we had the time spare, decided to throw in the backing vocals and it’s stayed!”

The main influences for Bryn’s solo projects are New Order, Killing Joke and Kasabian, which explains a lot.

“I’ve grown up listening to a wide array of alternative artists so making my own mark was imminent. I loved just listening to different aspects from music such as Peter Hook’s 6 string bass, so putting my own quirks into my own music was so satisfying.”

Whether you’re looking for something to impress your friends with who “swear” that they’ve heard every artist before they blow up, or just wanting to have a musical revelation on a Sunday, this is your guy. This is your track. You won’t regret it!

Bryn is one to watch.

Check him out on Instagram!

Listen to ‘Ante up’ here!

By Benjamin Stacey.

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