Mac DeMarco Concert Review

Highly anticipating Mac to come on stage, me and my friends stumbled into the Victoria Warehouse and finally got out of the rain. We were greeted a long haired support band playing DeMarco-esque songs. However, the audience weren’t too enthused about them, going off the failed attempt of the frontman trying to get everyone to sing along with his song. They seemed to strop off after that when the guitarist played a few chords, said something along the lines of ‘what’s the point’ and all disappeared.

Then the classic “great, the support act’s did their thing so where is the person I’ve came to see” thought popped into my head until another support act came on. The frontwoman of the band, all dressed in black, then robotically came on stage and placed a pumpkin in front of her. They played some light and cheery rock which was better than the first band so I wasn’t too disgruntled. After, they eventually went and robotically took their pumpkin with them.

Two support acts in and I’m really ready to see Mac DeMarco but then on waddle two tall blonde men dressed somewhere in between army sergeants, stereotypical goths and Kurt Cobain.