G-EAZY - 'The Beautiful & Damned' - Album Review

G-Eazy or ‘Gerald Earl Gillum’, has gone in my opinion from a mostly basic ‘Cali’ or ‘bay’ rapper with generic features and a West Coast flow on charting songs to one of the few hip-hop artists that saved 2017. His first Major label album ‘These Things Happen’ was released in 2014, three years before his third studio album The Beautiful & Damned, yet in this short time the progression of this artist is immense.

Before I get into why this album is a gemstone in the never ending labyrinth of music that was 2017, I have to be honest, I used to thoroughly dislike ‘Young Gerald’s’ music. The first song of his I ever listened to was ‘I mean it’ and I wasn’t very impressed and my opinion stayed that way until ‘Me Myself & I’ eventually stopped playing in clubs and I had time to breathe and listen to other hits and my appreciation slowly grew and when I heard that he was releasing a new album, I listened with a clean slate.

The album features 20 songs and surprisingly each song has very few similarities to any others on the album where flow, music and lyrics are concerned. With each song we, for the most part, unintentionally learn something new about the artist and can connect with the music as we know this is everything to the artist, as he states, “this was always the plan”. The only thing I would have loved to see was if G-Eazy had have just went crazy on a song. Beat, flow and lyrics. I feel like he still had some pent up energy that could have been used a