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LIVE - Varsity 2024: Salford vs Chester

Join Shock on March 20th for live coverage of the annual varsity between Salford & Chester.

We'll be live throughout the day on Radio, TV & Online.

Wake up with VARSITY BREAKFAST on Shock Radio from 9am, with all of the highlights from Varsity 2's and build-up to matches across the day.

Then, join ADAM SKINN and SAM HARRISON at 10:30am for live coverage of the day's proceedings on Shock Radio and Shock TV. We'll also have extra coverage on the Shock Sport pop-up stream, as well as a live blog at the bottom of the page.

Salford lead heading into Varsity, 6-1, having dominated proceedings in last week's Varsity 2's, which you can see our coverage of here.


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