Matt Terry - 'Trouble' - Album Review

Matt Terry has just released his debut album "Trouble" on November 24th. After winning X Factor UK in 2016 a lot people, including myself, believed that this was the end of the road for the Bromley-born singer, but, boy, did he prove us wrong.

The 14-track record is proof that Matt Terry is here to stay and is not taking no for an answer. Including singles "Sucker for you", "The thing about love" and the remix for "Súbeme la radio" with Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul, this album marks Matt Terry's launch into the music industry and gives us a peek into his romantic life.

Now, Terry wasn't well-known in the X Factor days for his up-tempo, EDM-infused covers, so, naturally, the album begins with the explosive "Sucker for you", an up-tempo, EDM-infused track.

This was also the first single off of this album, proving that Matt Terry isn't afraid to take a risk and show people a different side to him.

"Got you" is a poppy, energetic tune that will get you off your feet and make you want to draw the curtains and let the sunlight in while you dance around in your room. It sounds like a very happy, positive song, but while the beat makes you feel carefree and untroubled, the lyrics talk about a very toxic and controlling relationship, where one person messes with the other's mind, while the other person puts up with it, letting themselves be manipulated.

"But it doesn't make sense/ If I don't got you under my skin and messing with my brain"; "Don't remember/Me before you"

"The thing about love" is, surprisingly, one of the few ballads on this album that, in my personal