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New Artist of the Week - Charlotte Brimner

This week’s new artist is Charlotte Brimner. The 20-year-old artist was studying a few years ago like any other pupil dreaming of bigger ideas. 2017 has been the year for her! She is now on the brink of stardom as her career has peaked, receiving her first industry award! In just 6 months Charlotte not only transformed herself as a solo artist but also as a band leader, with two musicians behind her, calling the band after herself “Be Charlotte”. With that being said, the band have now been named the ‘best electronic act at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards in Glasgow’. The 20-year-old has some big aspirations and after playing at Carnival Fifty-Six Festival in her hometown Dundee, she is looking to expand and heighten her career.

The next step for her is to perform across the globe as a part of the band Be Charlotte. I have to agree Charlotte is a very fresh artist with songs such as ‘One Drop’ and ‘People’ we get to see the versatile creativity Brimner has within her. Incorporating spoken word and beatboxing into her tracks is an original idea, that is essentially heightening her music career; as there are very few female artists who do this in the music industry. Due to her successful tracks, she has recently signed up with the same agent as Robbie Williams and Elton John, preparing her for some of the world’s best US festivals. I definitely see this as just the beginning for Brimner, as her music and creativity is also inspiring for the younger generation to see a normal young girl doing what she loves and creating this platform to step up her own game for the music industry. Be Charlotte is expected to launch an album in 2018 with funding from Creative Scotland. She is definitely one to check out, and keep an eye out as she is one rising star!

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