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Student Charity Event raises money for Guide Dogs UK

Up to £345 was raised for the Guide Dogs UK through a student- run charity event on campus.

The ‘Pup Cuddles for Charity’event, which took place at Lady Hale Building yesterday, invited students to spend time with the guide dogs for a small donation.

Salford students Aglena Sharkova, Jehan Abud and Wajiha Javid organised the event as part of their Events Planning and Development module.

"First of all we wanted to target students because it can get very stressful at times. We also wanted to target people who need a break and need time to chill. We chose Guide Dogs UK because we all have an obsession with dogs - and who doesn't love dogs?

"All of the money we raise today goes straight back to the charity - we are not profiting from it at all. The money will be used to sponsor more guide dog puppies, buy supplies for them and continue to train them until they become fully qualified guide dogs.

"Sometimes we really do forget that all of us could get involved with something that could change a life, and this is what these events are all about; raising awareness so that people will continue to raise money for charities in the future!"

You can find more information and events on Guide Dogs UK here.

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