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The US Election Night with Shock Radio and Fuse FM

The night of the US Elections saw Shock Radio team up with Fuse FM in a special broadcast of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's final push to become the next United States president, concluding a race that had both entertained and terrified students for months.

In the exciting first time collaboration with our neighbouring student station at Manchester University, Shock's presenters and news reporters broke down the presidential race for listeners, covering the staggering 7 hours with further help from Fuse TV and The Mancunion.

As the polls grew tighter through the night, we enjoyed phone talks with American interviewees for a fresh perspective across the pond, while also engaging with some very anxious students as they followed the TV coverage at The Union Bar.

The lively atmosphere was enough to calm everyone’s worries on what could happen, for a short time at least, until that final result at 6am - inevitably leading to some clashes between Trump and Clinton supporters.

But although the outcome may not be what everyone hoped for, the success of the broadcast for such a huge worldwide event is something Shock couldn’t be more proud of. We look forward to working with Fuse FM again soon!

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