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Tenacious D - 'Time Warp' Song Review

The legendary rock duo’s dynamic and frankly, absolutely stone-cold rocking cover of the ‘Time Warp’ from the timeless Halloween classic, the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ delivers exactly what we have come to expect from the D. Two fat old men who can rock harder than literally anyone else on the planet. If the sight of Jack Black and Kyle Gass in revealing clothing, wigs and lipstick doesn’t draw you in, then maybe Jack’s absolutely blistering vocals will.

Having not lost an ounce of the vocal power that he has possessed since Tenacious D were formed, Black blasts out the zany lyrics of ‘Time Warp’, backed up by some surprisingly sultry backing vocals from bandmate Kyle Gass, you can’t help but nod your head and dance along, after all, it is just a jump to the left…

Not only is this an incredible cover of a beloved classic, it is also a call to arms and a reminder to the American people to vote in the upcoming presidential election. The D attempt to ‘Rock-y the vote’ and invite America to come with them on a jump to the left and vote against Donald Trump.

The duo do this along with a chorus of famous faces including fellow musicians Karen-O and King Princess, Senator Elizabeth Warren and actors Jamie Lee Curtis and one of the stars of the rocky horror picture show, Susan Sarandon. Adding their powerful voices to the host of artists and musicians that stand against the tyrannical president of the USA.

Tenacious D have not just given us an absolutely face melting rendition of ‘Time Warp’, but may well have helped save the world from 4 more years of Donald Trump, but that remains to be seen.

However, one things for sure, we’ll all be doing the Time Warp again.

-Jim Pearson



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