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Insulate Britain block motorway to Manchester airport

By George Icke

Image by Insulate Britain

11 environmental activists have been arrested after they glued themselves to a road close to

Manchester Airport.

Insulate Britain have taken their message to “people outside of London” as they blocked junction 6

of the M56 close to Manchester Airport today. The high-profile group has become known recently

for their infamous protests to slow and stop traffic including the gluing of protestors to the road,

with today's action the seventeenth time the protestors have stopped traffic.

Insulate Britain spoke about today's protests where they have targeted 3 of England’s major cities:

London, Birmingham and Manchester. They said, “London and Manchester roads are both part of

the strategic road network covered by the super injunction granted to national highways last week.”

Greater Manchester Police told Shock Radio they were “working at the scene to minimize

disruption” A group of protestors were sat on Wilmslow Road (A538) earlier today, but subsequently

GMP have made 11 arrests. They said, “the majority of protestors had glued themselves to the road

before being later removed by officers and detained on suspicion of causing danger to road users.”


Insulate Britain has 2 demands: That the government promises to fully fund and be responsible for

the insulation of all social housing by 2025 as well as working on low energy & retrofitting

households with low-carbon technology as part of a “just transition to a full decarbonization.”



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