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‘BLONDE’ BOMBED: New Netflix Marylin Monroe biopic leaves viewers furious.


A new biopic, rated 18 starring actress Ana de Armas as Marylin Monroe has received more than a few negative reviews from the public after it premiered on Netflix on Wednesday.

Viewers were exposed to scenes of mental unstability, violence and rape including an extreme scene with President John F Kennedy. The focus on the abuse the actress suffered throughout her career left the public feeling uncomfortable and questioning director Andrew Dominik’s choices.

The film was adapted from a semi-fictional book by Joyce Carol Oates and took 11 year to produce. The Australian director gained publicity for the film after crediting the sexual assual and harrassment movement #MeToo.

After negotiating with Netflix over the time production of the movie and graphic scenes the film finally premiered this month.

Ana de Armas explained to reporters the ‘dark’ places she had to go to fully understand the role and how she felt: “she was with me, and it was beautiful.”

Director Dominik had a controversial opinion on his creation stating: “If the audience doesn't like it, that’s the f***ing audience’s problem.”

However, the film really was a problem for the audience with some being so disgusted they described it as ‘unwatchable’ and struggling to continue watching after just 20 minutes.

Twitter was bombarded with unsatisfied viewers, one commenter wrote: “couldn’t stomach more than about 20 minutes of the nearly three hour length. That 20 minutes was nothing but cruel and heartbreaking. Absolutely unwatchable.”

Another viewer made a very strong claim stating the film was a “hate letter to the icon that was Marylin”.

The main concern for viewers was the continuous depiction of sexual assault in biopic: “showing rape on a screen is not in any way a meaningful was to portray the horrors of sexual assault. Please I’m begging you leave this woman alone and quit slapping SA survivors and women in the face.”

The film has received a few good reviews with viewers feeling it was ‘entertaining’ and ‘captivating’.

Overall, the movie has appeared more than disappointing after it’s long release awaited described as ‘one of the most detestable movies’ ever made.


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