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“Angels” at St Pauls church in Salford supply free food to vulnerable residents.

A foodbank in Salford, and has been supplying the community with food packages, gathered from donations from local residents and supermarkets.

The service, located on Broadwalk, has helped many including the homeless, unemployed and most recently students. A problem exacerbated by the economic impact of the pandemic.

The voluntary service has been running in Salford for 50 years.

The organisers have helped a number of people who rely on universal credit providing free and good quality food which they may have struggled to afford.

Feeding the community isn't the only challenged they have faced in the last five decades. Helen Wyatt recalled one year when they were inundated with so many parsnips, that once residents ran out of recipes for the vegetable they had to donate the remaining to the local donkey sanctuary!

The food given out by the church consists of stock that has passed its shelf life, but it is still within date and safe to eat.

This goods would have normally been thrown away by supermarkets and contributed to food waste in the area but because of the food bank are repurposed to help local vulnerable people.

The food ranges significantly, from boxes of ham to loaves of bread and vegetarian options are available as well.


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