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Back to the Future - Molly Raby

Great Scott!

Back to the Future is back and better than ever.

It has been some 30 years since the time travelling trilogy came to a close and now, with help from both Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, who co-wrote the original films, the internationally beloved duo of Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown are here again.

The musical take on this classic is gracing the stage at Manchester Opera House for a limited 12-week period, closing on 17 May.

It should come as no surprise that you are sucked into the world of Doc Brown from the word go.

Like the film, the show begins with Marty looking for Doc Brown in his house and upon realising he isn’t home, getting his guitar out.

This opening scene really puts a new meaning to “opening with a bang” and that is only the start.

The special effects in this show are out of this world, from flying cars to clock towers and lightning , with the help of a large LED screen to fuse together all the spectacular signpost moments from the original film.

Arguably, the special effects are the star of the show and when Doc’s Delorian appears, we are put in the drivers seat with Marty and taken through time, on a journey like no other.

The line between reality and special effects is blurred as you are sucked into the story and taken on a ride, literally.

Dedicated fans will not be disappointed!

From iconic lines, perfect character depiction and the classic soundtrack, there is little left to the imagination.

However, that is not to discourage the new wave of fans, who will be swept away with the original songs and expert dancing that is on offer throughout.

This production is perfect for any film buff, Back to the Future fan, 80’s music lover and honestly, anyone who enjoys a good night out.

The detail in the set production takes you from Manchester 2020 right back to 1980’s America from the comfort of your seat with absolute ease.

It goes without saying that the talent of these actors should not be overlooked.

Hugh Coles manages to play the role of George expertly, copying all of McFly,s mannerisms perfectly and with comic timing to die for.

He ends up giving Crispin Glover, the original George McFly, a run for his money.

Every character is almost a carbon copy from the film, with a pinch of new music here and a touch of hilarious jokes there; it is nothing short of amazing.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, and book your tickets now, before Doc takes off again and goes back to the future.

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