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Muse are back with their 8th studio album: ‘Simulation Theory’!

The trio: Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard new album was released on the 9th November 2018, through Warner Bros. and Helium-3. It consists of 11 tracks in standard album, however the deluxe version has five bonus tracks. In the deluxe version the styles that are explored are alternative reality, acoustic and gospel renditions of five tracks.

It is a synth-rock album that exposes themes of simulation and has a focal point on fantasy becoming real. This juxtaposes with the band’s previous albums, which centred on darker themes.

‘Simulation Theory’, masters the vehemence and density so it’s worth checking out! Muse shifts its sound with this album expressing a bluesy side, church organs, piano, robotic vocals; however, Muse still maintains the intensity of guitars and drums which is what they do best.

You can tell it’s a Muse album as you dive into the first track it amplifies Muse’s original style, it sets out the feel for the album. The essence of Matt Bellamy’s distinctive voice grasps the listener’s attention to a fresh narrative of the album.

After listening to a few songs, it’s inevitable that Muse are once again going to dispense another sensational album; with tracks like, ‘The Dark Side’, ‘Pressure’, ‘Though Contagion’ and ‘Propaganda’. Each song has its own identity and brings something different.

The opening tracks captures a desolate setting, with ‘Algorithm’ and ‘The Dark Side’ exposes an alarm for help. Through an intense amount of sound, they push the boundary to revolt with the tracks of, ‘Thought Contagion’, ‘Dig Down’ and ‘Get up and Fight’, explores them reassembling the troops. But “Something Human” lets down their façade and exposes that they need assistance and support. With “Propaganda” it feels like its creating Prince vibes with its sexy falsetto, which will have mixed reviews.

Muse consistently push the boundaries within music and never stop to disappoint fans. They continue to be truthful in their music, create a story within their music and have that stamina to be immortal. The album takes its listeners into in to a world that is evocative and innovative.

Muse have done it again with another exceptional album!

Muse have already announced a world tour next year! Pre-sale tickets go on sale on Tuesday the 13th of November and General sale on Friday the 16th of November at 9:00am.

By Jade Williams

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