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Tom Odell Jubilee Road Tour

After kickstarting his UK tour in Glasgow this month, Tom Odell finally made his way to the O2 Apollo in Manchester on Friday and absolutely blew the roof off the place.

Supporting artists included Tom Speight, who promoted his new single collide and Max Jury, from LA, who has previously toured with Lana Del Rey. Both support acts created a great atmosphere with their indie/alternative style of writing.

Tom opened his set with one of his new album tracks Jubilee Road, and continued to give us tasters from the new album, out on the 26th October, with songs such as Half as Good as You and You're Gonna Break my Heart Tonight. He also played crowd favourites such as I Know and his well-known single Another Love.

During the performance of Hold Me, Odell surprised the crowd by removing himself from the piano and becoming more of an entertainer rather than a musician by standing on the barriers of the crowd and encouraging them to join in. The crowd also engaged with Tom’s humour and his lack of ability to whistle during ’Wrong Crowd’. It seemed the night was full of surprises as Odell covered the John Lennon hit ’Imagine’ changing the atmosphere momentarily, a hair-raising moment indeed. Due to his style of music being based around his piano it was surprising how well he worked the stage and crowd while presenting his talent on the instrument perfectly and worked cohesively with his band.

The singer finished with a favourite off his Wrong Crowd album, magnetised and left the crowd on a high by once again jumping on top of his piano and giving an incredibly entertaining performance.

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