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Hi-Rez The Rapper; He’s Humble, hungry and a bouncing off the walls! Interview and review

Artists come and go, music always changes, but Hi-Rez has been working since he was 16 and isn’t going anywhere soon!

Born in New York and raised in California, Rez started posting on popular online distribution platform ‘DatPiff’ and YouTube where he tended to go viral often and was signed to Sony at a young age before making the decision to kickstart his later career as an independent artist.

Hi-Rez has worked with and supported many artists such as G-Eazy, Machine Gun Kelly Devonne Tyrell and has just released his new studio album ‘Humble But Hungry’.

If you feel like you’ve seen him before, but can’t quite put your finger on it, you’ve probably seen his viral videos on YouTube and Facebook!

If I had to describe his music, id say; picture Classic West Coast flows and conscious lyrics blended with modern day beats and banter and if you’re thinking “this guy is probably slept on in this generation of mumble rap”. You are 100% right.

I hung out with Rez and his amazing crew at their Manchester gig at ‘Band On The Wall’ and I’d be lying if I said the atmosphere was anything less than incredible.

Rez opened up with his new title track ‘Humble But Hungry’ and got the crowd pumped up early and ended with a freestyle on the legendary ‘Ten Crack Commandments’ instrumental of The Notorious B.I.G.

Being the grounded artist that he is and realising this is the first time a lot of fans could have seen him live, he also played some of his classic hits such as ‘Smiling’, ‘Dreams Worth Dying For’ and ‘3 Foot Tall’.

Halfway through the show, the whole atmosphere and experience changed when he performed his latest politically fuelled and incredibly personal song ‘We want change’ based around the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting of 2018 and the increasing gun violence in America. The song is increasing rapidly in popularity especially on YouTube with nearly 700k views.

Thanks to Rez I was able to produce another fire interview. Check it out below!

-By Benjamin Stacey

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