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Witt Lowry - Gig Review & Interview

'Witt Lowry' or real name 'Mark Lawrence Richard Jr' is an American rapper originally born in Connecticut, USA in February 1991. The artist has been on my priority list for many years in regards to artists that I have wanted to see live and after going to the concert and interviewing him, I have to say, it was worth the wait.

Witt's journey into the world of media attention began in 2013 when he released the mix tape 'Kindest Regards' which turned the heads of many people through online platforms. He then released a multitude of hits that many found versatile enough to cross different music platforms such as his hit 'Like I Do' which, back in the day, I heard play whilst watching a lot of competitive gaming events. In 2015 he released his debut album '‘Dreaming With Our Eyes Open' which Ended up reaching high numbers amongst Billboard's varying charts and iTunes and in 2017 he released an album entitled "I Could Not Plan This" which reached #1 at one point on ITunes/Apple Music for most pre-ordered album and held the '#1 spot' in multiple places on apple music for released albums at one point in the UK and the US. After this success the artist started his first European tour in late 2017 and I had the opportunity to see and interview him in Manchester.

The Artist opened up the night after a prolonged instrumental of his song 'I Could Not Plan This' and ended with one of his earlier successful songs 'Kindest Regards'. The concert itself put myself and the crowd through a range of different emotions. From hype songs such as 'Like I Do' and 'Care Too Much' that got the audience pumped to the emotional ballads of 'Last Letter' and 'Let you go' where the singer amongst other fans cried and even some wacky songs e.g. 'Piece Of Mind 3' that continually created some top class banter for everyone involved. An example seen in the tweet below possibly on another date.

With the venue being Manchester Academy 3, where most independent artists perform, I expected the sound quality to be a little off putting but the artist came through with crystal clear vocals as well as his background music.

The concert itself felt like an endless experience that would continue bringing good vibes and the crowd seemed to be connected through the music as well as everyone seemed to be enjoying it as a communal experience.

Normally at the end of a concert many would run through the doors to beat traffic and get home but after an encore for 'Kindest Regards' which was preceded by The producer and Hype man 'Dan Haynes' hyping the crowd, nobody wanted to leave, in fact, I was the first as I personally hate traffic.

The only flaw within the whole experience I could point out is that, after the door times changing and ultimately the concerts starting time, there was no entertainment or warm up act which left the crowd very lost and bored for a while beforehand.

Other than that, an amazing experience.

Interview :

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