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Shock Announces Candidates for Student Elections 2016.

Applications for the student elections drew to a close at noon on Friday 19th February 2016 with an amazing 36 students applying for the five roles up for grabs. As the official media representative, we were proud to exclusively announce the candidates on an hour long special election show.

Students who nominated themselves follow a slightly different format from last year because instead of every candidate applying for President, they now put themselves forward for the role of the Sabbatical Officer they want to be.

Candidates applying for the five roles include:


  • Anthony Xavier Gray

  • Balen Saleh

  • Ceewhy Ochoga

  • Denis Andrei

  • Dionne D'Sa

  • Gail Hadfield Grainger

  • Khan Mohammad

  • Tom Danby

  • Tom Goldstraw

Total: 9 candidates

Arts and Media:

  • Bhavika Panchal

  • Dan Willis

  • Jade Chadwick

  • Jonathan Hayward

  • Joseph Stevens

  • Sammy Crown

  • Stephen Smallman

  • Tom Roberts

  • Zac Anderson

Total: 9 candidates

Business and Law Officer:

  • Ankit Narula

  • Lola Giwa

  • Mahmudul Hasan

  • Marika Skelly

  • Muhammad Naukhez

  • Nnamdi Eustace Akabuogu

  • Rose Angelova

  • Sarah Raza

Total: 8 candidates

Health and Social Care Officer:

  • Aaron Stubba

  • Cathryn Taylor

  • Claire Carey

  • Matt Cassady

  • Usman Ali

Total: 5 candidates.

Science and Technology Officer:

  • Abby Cassady

  • Cae Os

  • Connor Keightley

  • Ella Train

  • Mustapha Jelili

Total: 5 candidates.

Current President of Salford Students’ Union, Marina Hristova, joined us on the show.

She said:“I would just like to say I’m really excited to hear the list of names. I would like to wish them all good luck in this year’s elections.

Sabbatical officers work hard to ensure that the academic and social life of students is improved. This is a very interesting role but students are trusting you so all the people going for the role needs to bare this in mind.”

We wish all of the candidates the best of luck with their campaigns. Keep a watch out for Shock as we’ll be covering the latest news and events involved with the elections including Question Time on 3rd March and Results Night on 10th March.

Listen back to the full show plus how to vote and what to expect:

Please note: Shock Radio does not endorse or promote any individual candidates. We treat the elections on an impartial basis. Any students who back or mention a candidate's campaign on air will immediately be taken off air.

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