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You can't run & You can't hide: Cops continue to crush counterfeit trade in Cheetham Hill

Police officers arrested 4 men, as part of operation vulcan, who were trying to empty a shop of suspected counterfeit goods

Image: Greater Manchester Police Officers on Moulton Street, Cheetham Hill.

Officers who were carrying out patrols on Moulton Street in the Cheetham Hill/Strangeways area spotted four men who appeared to be emptying a shop of suspected counterfeit goods.

When the police searched their van, inside they found large quantities of prescription medications and thousands of pounds worth of suspected counterfeit clothing.

The four were subsequently arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply Class C drugs and distribution of articles infringing trademarks.

Inspector Andy Torkington of GMP Operation Vulcan said: “This week we cleared out a further three units housing counterfeit shops that were discovered by our officers.

“Our work didn’t stop there either – our officers then attended a home address of one of these shop owners and there discovered huge storage quantities of suspected counterfeit goods and also seized around £6,000 in cash.

IMAGE: Items seized during Operation Vulcan by GMP

“The police presence in the Cheetham Hill and Strangeways area is relentless. I believe our activity is starting to make a real difference and is making it more difficult for criminals to operate in the area.

“Our officers are on the lookout for anyone who may be shifting counterfeit goods to intercept and prevent offenders from transferring criminal activity elsewhere.

“Operation Vulcan is not confined to Cheetham Hill and Strangeways – whilst I’m pleased to see disruption in criminal activity, this is not about moving the problem elsewhere.

“Counterfeit crime brings with it serious and violent criminality and we will therefore continue to squeeze and target offenders until they desist or we put them in jail.”

The arrests came just days after Suella Braverman, The Home Secretary, visited to see the work of Operation Vulcan by Greater Manchester Police.


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