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Sentenced: Paedophile Teacher who shows “not one jot of remorse” after abusing 19 victims almost 50

A judge has sentenced a 76 year old teacher to 10 years in prison for “fondling little boys genitals whenever the opportunity presented itself.”

He will also be subject to sex offenders regulations for life after he was found guilty of a number of sexual abuse charges spanning 12 years, 2 separate schools and against 19 victims who can’t be named for legal reasons.

Christopher Pickup, who used to teach at St Martins in Fitton Hil and was Headmaster at St Pauls, appeared via digital link at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court from Forest Bank Prison in Pendlebury.

IMAGE: HMP Forest Bank, Google Maps

The prosecution read out personal statements from victims of Pickup, one of which said they feel “no celebration following jurys verdict” but instead they simply “feel numb knowing Christopher Pickup will never say sorry.”

A former student of the pedophilic teacher said the abuse he suffered has “haunted him” and he “never managed to fulfil his potential” throughout life after the abuse he faced.

Another victim was called to be punished by Pickup, which usually took place with a belt or slipper but on one occasion he was grabbed by the testicles as punishment.

Some of the instances of abuse took place almost 50 years ago, however the victims of pickup say details have stuck with them to this day. Judge Bernadette Baxter outlined how some victims are not only still remembering the name of the defendants partner, but actually being able to describe them.

Pickup’s defence barrister stated there was “very little” he could challenge. He did however ask that the finances of Christopher Pickup and his family could be “disentangled” as to avoid any further suffering to the family who he said are already living their own “nightmare”.

Judge Baxter sentenced him for over 30 counts of sexual abuse against 19 victims.

“12 of thoe victims were in your Junior 4 class at St Martins. They were all aged around 10 when you indecently assaulted them.” said Her Honour Judge Baxter

“The very least your victims deserved from you was an apology and an acknowledgement of what you did to them. Sadly even 50 years on you’ve not had the courage to do that, and have shown not one jot of remorse or regret.”

In her sentencing remarks on the victims from St Paul’s, where Pickup was head teacher, Judge Baxter said: “Boys, staff and parents (at St Pauls) also held you in equally high regard and again you abused their trust by fondling little boys genitals whenever the opportunity presented itself.” She continued stating that as head teacher “opportunity for abuse was more limited, however it also meant that nowhere in the school was a safe haven for those children, because you abused them in the clasroom, in the hall at after school sports activities and in your office.”

Judge Baxter sentenced Pickup to serve 10 years. He must serve 2/3rd of his sentence in prison, and the remaining 1/3rd can be served out on licence. He’ll be subject to sex offender regulations for life. He’ll also have to pay prosecution costs in the sum £58,716. He has 6 months to pay.

LEAD IMAGE: Manchester Minshull Street Court (Creative Commons) INSET - Christopher Pickup (Image provided by GMP)


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