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FLOCKDOWN: Avian Flu pens turkeys & chickens in

Our reporter George Icke has been looking into the increasing fears of the spread of avian flu have forced all bird owners to keep their flocks in enclosed pens as of this week with our sister TV show Quays News.

The restrictions are in effect across the North West & the rest of the UK after 200 cases of bird flu have been identified since October 2021.

It’s the second time that farmers have had to lockdown their birds this year.

There are worries there might not be enough turkey to go around this Christmas.

In an interview with BBC Radio, a farmer said that it was “financially scary” for breeders and farmers.

Shock Radio spoke with Paul White, a poultry farmer in Lancashire, who said that avian flu is so aggressive and virulent that if a turkey did contract the disease it would be “game over” within 24 hours.

He went on to say: “by the time you got the results back to check for avian flu they would be dead if they had it.”

The Animal Plant and Health Agency has confirmed that a number of birds in Devon and Cornwall have already been culled due to avian flu.


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