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Developed with The Lowry: The Class of 22-24

The Lowry Theatre in MediaCityUK invited Shock Radio to come and meet their Developed with The Lowry Class of 22-24. Our reporters George Icke & Leonie Husselbee went to find out what will be hitting The Lyric or The Quays theatre soon.

Alice Christina-Corrigan

"I'm so much more than my disability" says Theatre Producer supported by Lowry Developement scheme.

"I am a director, producer and well, I'm just a bloody all rounder advocate for disabilities" says Alice Christina Corrigan who is a 20 year old visually impaired women being supported by Developed with The Lowry.

Christina-Corrigan has a brand new 2 hand theatre play which will follow 2 characters whose lives are dramatically changed when their mother dies. She says she'll use it as an opportunity to incorporate disabled actors into her work. Fade will appear on The Lowry stage which Christina-Corrigan says is important as disabled lead shows are often marketed differently to others.

Edy Hurst

A seasoned comedian who has done the circuit, The Edinburgh Fringe and BBC Radio 4 Edy said he's "astonished" to be there.

Jokingly he asks for the "next slide please" and describes himself as a "big diva" now he's on the stage. His show reflects a recent revelation that he found out he had ADHD and also that he was related to one of the women in The Pendleton Witch Trials. He prompts laughter from the room by suggesting "these are definitely not being processed together through a show."

Nikta Mohammadi

"It feels strange standing here talking about myself here. I'm from Iran and there's lots of horrible things happening on the streets there."

The now West Yorkshire based artist is being inspired by Hebdon Bridge and will work to introduce a series of moving images to The Lowry's EDIT collection. "I'm amazed by the beautiful British Rural Landscape of West Yorkshire" "I'm trying to challenge the idea of it being a very still area and will bring some of the folklore of Britain and Iran into my film too."

Lauren Yvonne Townsend

"I'm a Yorkshire based producer working in theatre and live events." While based in Doncaster, Lauren's work takes her all over the North of England including Leeds, Salford and Greater Manchester.

"I've worked with theatres in Sheffield including most notably on Life of Pi which took a transfer to the West End in London." Lauren intends to use the scheme to move away from being a producer and more into a role of becoming a creator. "It's hard as a freelance producer to be able to put your stamp on ideas."

Lauren lives with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and through her new show "OBSESSED" she intends to bust myths surrounding the condition including that people are always really clean and tidy.

Bobak Champion

He can't be here today as he is in a rehearsal getting ready to put a show together in Sheffield. His project is called "I'm Muslamik DON'T Panik" and says he will challenge the perception of those in The Middle East based on his experiences as a Bristolian, Iranian and Hip-Hop head.

Since beginning his current show, he's become a dad and says he always has enjoyed working with young lads who have too much energy as he was always one of those "pain in the arse kids."


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