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Dental Tourism: Crowns are being sold as veneers says Salford dentist

The phrase "Turkey Teeth" has been made famous by influencers and celebrities travelling to countries such as Turkey to have cosmetic dentistry done including teeth whitening and having so-called "veneers" fitted.

Image: Dharmesh Mistry (provided by YORDENTAL)

Dharmesh Mistry is a dentist at YORDENTAL in MediaCityUK and says he is concerned about the number of young people who are travelling abroad to have dentistry work carried out.

He explains that the idea of spending time in the sun while recovering is one of the pulls for young people to combine a holiday with cosmetic procedures, but also worries people don't understand they're not getting the veneers they pay for.

Dharmesh says: "Many of these patients are fairly young and are under the impression they're getting veneers done. In actual fact, they're getting crowns." "Veneers, if done very well, requires minimal tooth removal off the surface, whereas crowns require 70-80% of tooth removal from around the entire tooth."

The alarming amount of people who have been travelling to get their teeth done overseas is thought to be due to the overwhelming number of people discussing #turkeyteeth on TikTok, Instagram & Facebook.


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