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Avanti West Coast: ‘We’re banning E-Scooters’

Train operator Avanti West Coast has announced that from the 27th December passengers travelling on their trains or through their stations will be banned from taking E-Scooters with them.

They released a statement confirming the ban, explaining that it's due to the risk "risk posed by the Lithium-ion batteries that typically power these devices."

It continued: "Lithium-ion batteries can produce a vapour of toxic gases and lead to a fire or a risk of explosion, if damaged or overheated.

The intercity operator’s policy covers e-scooters and hoverboards only. Mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs and e-bikes are exempt from the ban."

The operator says that passenger and staff safety has to come first.

However, many passengers took to Twitter to share their frustrations...

Councillor Matt Wynne from Edgeley and Cheadle Heath said: "Wish you put as much effort in to looking after your stations and running trains as you do banning e-scooters."

Ross Jones added: "Probably travel quicker in an e-scooter with the lack of train services you lot run…"


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