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Against The Current. ‘Making waves, NF and peng jackets. Manchester review and interview.

If you are a true modern-day Pop-Punk fan, then you know who Against the Current are and how influential they have been for the scene. But for those of you who don’t, let me inform you.

Against the current are one of the biggest Pop-Punk bands in the world and living proof that

no matter what age you are, as long as your heart and soul are incorporated in your music,

you will be successful.

“Start with the music because music speaks for itself”. -Chrissy Constanza.

The band consists of Will Ferri, (drums) Dan Gow (guitar) and Chrissy Constanza (vocals). They formed in 2011 in New York due to a mutual friend. The group paved their way to stardom after releasing an array of covers on YouTube from different genres and making them their own. They are now signed to Fueled By Ramen, the biggest punk label in the world and are now set to release their second debut album ‘Past Lives’ on Friday the 28th September.

I attended the show on the 21 st of September with an open mind and as little bias as possible. This was my third time hearing them live but the second time on their own tour and I was quite sceptical as I did not think the sound system did them justice in Manchester Arena when supporting Fall Out Boy. My scepticism was proved right.

The smaller venue and more adequate sound system in the 02 Ritz proved to compliment the band’s sound so much more. They opened with their smash hit ‘strangers again’ from their new album ‘Past lives’ and Chrissy’s stripped, and powerful voice could be heard from the back of the arena with amazing clarity and was enough to spark the whole crowd’s enthusiasm as they all danced and sang along, no one was stagnant.

Throughout the show, Will Ferri proved himself to be an amazing drummer as his instrument, could at times be distinctly heard and added to that ‘raw’ effect music lovers want to hear at a concert. This sound and atmosphere are exactly what we pay money for. Dan’s stage presence really brought the performance to life as his energy was able to rub off on the fans and every time they seemed weary, he would put twice as much effort into spicing up the show. A true performer.

We were treated with an acoustic performance of ‘In Our Bones’ towards the end of the show, rarely heard live, and I cannot for the life of me understand why it isn’t more frequently on the set list. Many are sceptical as to whether a pop punk band who normally rely on harsh sounds and vocals can create a melodic, soft and entertaining stripped version of a song but to say that they perfected this would be an understatement.

Overall the concert did not disappoint. Even the support act, ‘The Faim’ provided an amazing set and even convinced me to go home and listen to their music extensively and I would urge you to as well.

ATC and their lovely yet stern manager were nice enough to let me interview them before the show and let me hang out backstage for a while after, so I could get the true story and provide you with the ‘real band’.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

-Benjamin Stacey (@BenjaminFstacey)

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