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Catherine McGrath. A slither of hope for Northern Ireland’s music scene. Interview and review.

Northern Ireland is notoriously known for many things however, music…is not exactly one of them. Now I am not saying there isn’t a vast history of culture, music and talent where Northern Ireland is concerned but in the last decade, there wasn’t exactly much to turn heads or break the mainstream barriers. Until now. 21-year-old Catherine McGrath, from Rosstrevor, is a predominant country singer who also blends tones of pop and modern-day sounds into her music. After getting noticed by her manager through an array of YouTube covers, she quickly began her grind to become noticed on a much larger scale and has recently released her debut album ‘Talk Of This Town’ with Warner Brothers. The album

Against The Current. ‘Making waves, NF and peng jackets. Manchester review and interview.

If you are a true modern-day Pop-Punk fan, then you know who Against the Current are and how influential they have been for the scene. But for those of you who don’t, let me inform you. Against the current are one of the biggest Pop-Punk bands in the world and living proof that no matter what age you are, as long as your heart and soul are incorporated in your music, you will be successful. “Start with the music because music speaks for itself”. -Chrissy Constanza. The band consists of Will Ferri, (drums) Dan Gow (guitar) and Chrissy Constanza (vocals). They formed in 2011 in New York due to a mutual friend. The group paved their way to stardom after releasing an array of covers on YouTube f

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